How to choose the best bridesmaid dress type and style for a spring wedding.

Here are a few tips to guide you, on how to choose a bridesmaid dress type and style if you have a springtime wedding.

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  • tjpimpin:

    My fiance and I are planning a wedding for either the end of summer 2010, or the spring of 2011 (depending on how much money we can save with the possibility of a baby on the way). The wedding will take place in Southern Wisconsin

    There are a couple things I feel necessary to be included in my wedding, here is my list of ‘things that have to be there’:
    * My 60 guests
    * Outside wedding ceremony
    * Bridal gown, Groom tux
    * 4 Bridesmaid dresses/Groomsmen tuxes
    * The cake
    * Flowers – Very nature oriented ceremony/reception
    * Reception (inside? outside? It’s gotta be cheap as possible)
    * Caterer (Or any way to get us food)
    * Informal Bar (this is a pretty big necessity for my guests)
    * 1 Flower girl dress/Ring bearer tux
    * And of course — The wedding rings

    Now, I know I will be able to get my friends to cover the photography/video, entertainment, and make-up/hair styling for free. I am also very creative and crafty and would love to do lots of the decorations and designs.

    So here’s my question to you? Where can I cut down my costs? Give me as many tips as you can, I want to find the cheapest ways to pull this off. I’m open to all suggestions…

    My budget is kind of unsure at the moment, but I’m thinking $5,000. (If I can spend less – great! If I have to spend much more, well, I can’t have everything – I really can’t go over $6,500)

    Thank you in advance – The more information you can give me, the better chance I’ll pick you for best answer!
    I’ve been looking at and it seems very cheap, but I wonder about the reliability? Is it safe to trust? I don’t want to spend $300 and not get what I’ve asked for…

    And please, anyone else with anymore ideas?

  • rndmaktn:

    Can you give me great color scheme ideas for a spring wedding at a country club? The reception is a Loch LLoyd Country Club.

    Thank you everyone for your great ideas in advance!!

  • D3ZZY:

    My wedding gown is an ivory lace/beaded/& tulle strapless ballgown and we are having a spring wedding with a fun romantic theme. The girls and I are having trouble picking the style of dresses we want and in what material. Having color issues too. Our colors are ivory, pink,and orange and possibly some yellow. N0 PaStElS pLeAsE! They can be light but you know what I mean I hope.

    At first I was leaning toward tea length dresses then to floor length and now we don’t know. To us we believe the material we choose will be almost as important as the length and of course the color. I have 4 bridesmaids and two are busty and two are not and only one is a bit larger (170) so I want to be careful on the dresses so no one is uncomfortable in what they are wearing or self conscience. I want my girls to feel as beautiful as I will be. We have 3 flower girls and one ring bearer. The little girls will wear Ivory if the bridesmaids have colored dresses but if the maids have a subtle neutral then the little girls will wear color. 2 in pink and the smaller one who will be tossing petals in the orange. Maybe one in pink, yellow, n orange.
    We don’t know!
    Right now the main concern is the length and the material.
    Thank you! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

  • norrin_shadowwolf:

    Hey everyone!

    I’ve got a friend who is getting married just a few months after me, in March 2011. Her theme is – Richness of Fall. She’s really wanting to work with bold colors and traditional icons of autumn.

    Here’s her palette: Russet, Autumn Gold, Loden and Pumpkin – with small hints and touches of olive/moss green, scarlet, and burnt orange. To bolden the colors even more, she’ll be adding hints of black and white to some things – such as bridesmaid dress sashes, and the piping on her wedding cake.

    Her venue is a vineyard for the ceremony and a barn/cellar for the reception. She has repeatedly asked for ideas for her dress, as she’s hand making it, but I’m not sure what to suggest as she wants her gown to stand out against her bridesmaids’ dresses (strapless & halter russet and pumpkin tones with black sashes and rose quartz accessories), yet she doesn’t want to wear white, off-white, black, cream or ivory.

    Any suggestions on a dress color & design that will stand out against the bridesmaids and still not look traditional or any ideas to turn a traditional dress unique and bold with color? What do you think of her palette?

  • Mark:

    I am trying to decide on my bridesmaids dresses. I am getting Married in May, and I want a garden themed wedding. I LOVE these dresses I found on this website, but I am trying to decide what two colors to choose (my 2 bridesmaids will be one color, and my maid of honor will be different color…possibly different style).

    Please look at these dresses and tell me which two colors that are available would go together the best. thanks!

    It’s the bottom picture on the right, middle dress ( I also kinda like the one on the left but not as much).….

    Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!

  • Beavis:

    My wedding is this April. It’s being held at an 1850′s antebellum/type home. The ceremony will be around 6pm-ish outside in the back yard garden and then the reception will be in the house as well as the back yard. I want to have some type of them to tie everything together but something more specific than just “garden/spring” theme. My dress is a strapless ballgown of white tulle. I’m leaning towards bridemaids (only 3) dresses in a shade of pink. Or possibly an aqua type color. I want to do something that I can incorporate into the decorations, cake, invitations, etc…. Any ideas would be so appreciated! Thanks!

  • everydayGuitarist:

    I would like a light gold wedding dress and h2b and best man would like grey suits with accessories to match my dress but i don’t know what colour to have for the bridesmaids. All ideas welcome…

  • mal_functiongeo:

    What color and style dress should i wear to an april wedding in mexico
    the wedding is in the afternoon. i also want some thing that will go well with the bridesmaid dresses colorwise because i dont want it to clash in photos. the bridesmaid dresses are burgandy. so i dont know what color to choose i was going to go with black but its spring and so idk help please!! =]

    i dont want to match the bridesmaids i just dont want to wear a color that looks horrible with burgandy

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