Possibility Of Reconciling With Your Ex Boyfriend

Here is what you can do to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend to love
you and reconcile into a relationship again. Steps that you can follow
to have more success in your relationship to get reconciled with an ex
boyfriend. Possibility Of Reconciling With Your Ex Boyfriend

Possibility Of Reconciling With Your Ex Boyfriend
You should look out for these signs before you make a move on your ex-boyfriend, the last thing that you want to do is think that your ex-boyfriend loves you anyhow and make a fool of yourself. You have to be practical here and protect yourself too. Look at the signs below and figure out where you stand in this situation with your ex-boyfriend and if you’ve got any chance of getting him back again. No matter what the case may be you can use psychological and professional Tips to get your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend back – links to my blog on what to do to get effective professional relationship strategies to reconcile with your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend is at the last section of this article.

Your Ex Boyfriend remain in contact with you after the breakup

If your ex-boyfriend texts and calls you after they have broken up with
you it is a clear sign that they have not fully moved on yet. Why would
your ex-boyfriend feel the need to contact you continually? You have
broken up in the end; they should be moving on and not keeping you on a
short lead. If your ex-boyfriend is getting in interaction with you, you can be assured that it is for a positive reason. They are visibly not
ready to let go totally and prefer to keep you at a close distance.

Your Ex Boyfriend contact you at the weekend or at night
You also need to be mindful of when your ex is contacting you. Is their
contact frequently at weekends and at night? If this is the case then
they are possibly missing you. This is when they had consumed most of
the time with you, so now that you are not around they are feeling
lonely. They should also be out at the weekend or busy as a replacement
for contacting you.

Your Ex Boyfriend contact with you increases
When your ex-boyfriend is trying to test the flow and find out how you
feeling, they will try to escalate communication with you. They are
doing this to figure out if you have progressed on or if you are open to that contact. They will afterwards be asking lots of loaded questions
and trying to engage in lengthy chats with you. If something, your ex
boyfriend’s contact with you should decrease after breakup, in spite of
everything they have no reason to keep in touch with you.

Your Ex Boyfriend ask you about your social life frequently
if your ex-boyfriend is attentive in what you’re up to, they’re
perceptibly worrying that you are moving on before them. They will try
to be elusive about it but ultimately you will see that they are trying
to figure out if there is somebody else on the scene. They don’t need to bruise their egos and want to find out in an unclear way.

Your ex-boyfriend indeed shouldn’t be interested in your social life.
They would be too full of activity getting on with their own life and
leaving you in arrears if they had truly moved on. The reason that they
are curious about your activity is because they want to fill in the gaps themselves without asking outright. If they inquire you of how your
weekend was, do you in fact think they care? They want to see if you
offer any info on what you were up to. Then then they can depart with
the least embarrassment possible if you say you were on a date with
another guy.

Next Moves
There are many more signs Your Ex
Boyfriend still likes you, look at them in depth and determine if your
ex-boyfriend is exhibiting any of these signs. Before you make a move on your ex boyfriend you will need to be guaranteed.

You can visit my blogs for more effective expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex when you visit these links usually below or at the Authors Bio section.

13 Responses to “Possibility Of Reconciling With Your Ex Boyfriend”

  • borabora5524:

    I have a guy in my life, however we are in a long distance relationship. For quite a few nights this week, I’ve dreamt about kissing or being romantically involved with ex-boyfriends who I’m completely over, guys I used to like and I’m over and celebrities from my favourite bands/ shows. Any ideas on what this means?

  • Erfan:

    my boyfriend and i just got back together, and although he tells me he is committed to working things out and says he is optimistic that we can, he is noticably distant from me. i initiate all our conversations and intimacy, and he seems to be often ignoring me completely. he still sends me nice texts and tells me nice things, but then he just shuts down again. we’ve been back together for a week… is this simply an issue of time, or are these some real warning signals that i shouldn’t ignore? every other break-up i’ve had has been final (so have his), so i’m totally in over my head! i have no reason to believe he is lying to me, but i just don’t “feel” his words, only our distance.

    we dated for 4 years, then broke up for a day, were back “together” (not really) for a week, then broke up again for two days. we also live together, so neither of us is getting the space we probably need in order to deal. ideally, we will work things out, but it definitely feels like we made a little progress, then stagnated, then went back a few steps. is this part of the process?? help??

  • Superman:

    I left him. For many reasons, which I won’t go into here. I’ve asked the questions a million times, everyone always says I deserve better and should leave him. Crappy stuff.


    But we had a lot of good times too. I still miss him. I still feel like maybe there’s something I can do to salvage what we had, as army girlfriend and soldier boyfriend. I mean, I know I had to let go, it just wasn’t healthy anymore. But I’m constantly second-guessing myself, wondering if it was really the right thing, staying in touch, etc… I feel guilty for hurting him. He was trying to change, he’d made an improvement, but…the damage was done, I just…couldn’t feel the same way about him anymore, and God knows I tried, I prayed, I meditated on it, I used positive affirmations, and…I love him. But I couldn’t be with him anymore. He saw it, we talked it out, we went our separate ways, he still went off on me about how I could possibly do it to him even though he suggested the breakup, presented all the reasons for it, reassured me that I wasn’t just throwing it away, that maybe it’s just time…

    Has anyone else ever left an unhealthy relationship and felt like this? It feels like I’ll never love again, like…sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but will I ever be able to love them? Will I regret it later? Will I ever meet anyone better? Will it be an older, more mature ex-soldier-boyfriend? What am I supposed to do now? How’d things turn out for you?

  • Coffee t:

    We broke up 8 months ago and I was doing really good – moving on, not even thinking about her. Not wanting to reconcile. Just both of us moving on and it’s all good. Then this month I hear she’s been seeing a new boyfriend and its going great for her – she’s practically engaged – and now I’m like Woah, totally thinking about her all the time, filled with regret and guilt and now jealousy…like I want another chance..but obviously it’s too late. Why do I even care? Why can’t I stop thinking about her?

  • simply complicated:

    Ok so me and my girlfriend of almost 4years broke up (both 24), due mostly to the fact that I wasn’t paying much attention to her; truth be told i was starting to develop feelings for another girl. Now we had been broken up for 6 months and in those six months i did date that girl i was interested in as well as another girl shortly. I have recently found messages on her Facebook that she was meeting up with her ex-boyfriend and hanging out with him. Now the thing that stings me is that she always used to complain about how much she disliked him for cheating on her so much, so why feel the need to talk to him? now i know i don’t have the right but now i feel as though maybe she was talking to him and he cheated or did something again, and thats why were back I know we were apart but finding this out has me a little shook up and uneasy even though we have been getting along better than ever

  • Andres C:

    I have wondered this for a long time and now I’m searching for answers. My dreams are EXTREMELY weird, vivid, and complex. It’s hard to even begin to understand them. My mom, who i very good at interpreting dreams, doesn’t even understand them. It’s very hard for me to try to explain my dreams to people because I can imagine it in my head, but not describe it. All the incidences are so unique, but sometimes I feel as if the dream is very familiar. It just has this sense of familiarity to me, maybe not like I’ve had the EXACT same dream, but maybe similar. If someone could tell me some meanings of my dreams, or even components of them? One thing I find VERY common is that it’s almost always in some kind of huge building. I’ll try to describe my dream from last night:
    I was in a giant building, and it was kind of a mix between a school and a grocery store. I was around alot of people I knew, people who spent some of my summer with me. My ex boyfriend was there. Everyone’s objective was to somehow tranquilize and capture exotic animals that lived throughout the entire building. I specifically remember seeing elephants, a venomous snake and fish. The snake was VERY large and bright green and the fish was pure white. Not a single different color on it. They were both in water which had a very thin bridge over it in which I had to cross several times.
    There was this girl I had never seen before there and she was really pretty. She was pregnant and announcing to all of us that she was having a baby. She kind of giggled and said “the father is _____(my ex boyfriends name)” I immediately ran to the bathroom and went in the stall and cried. The weird thing is the stall doors were extremely short so , even though you couldn’t see my body, you could see my crying face. So I decided to just leave and thats when everyone started catching the animals. At some point my dad( who I havent seen for over a year) showed up. I ran over to him greeting him. I wanted to leave the building and go home and stop catching the animals, but I wasn’t allowed to.
    That’s pretty much all I remember…sorry for such a long description, but it’s hard for you to understand if you don’t know ALL the details. Of course, I did leave out quite a few details… Alot of my dreams are this vivid and strange (bright colors, unique situations etc.) I just want some kind of explanation…

  • fattiemanny:

    A colleague at work made a stunning statement which I just can’t seem to reconcile with myself. She was discussing the history with her ex-boyfriend and how she found out that he had done time for a sexual assault. It wasn’t her opinion of the man I disagreed with, it was her assertion that:

    “There’s a 50-50 chance that a bloke could be a rapist”

    Really?!! It’s not the fact that I find her relegating male sexuality into a 50-50 insulting, it’s the fallacy of logic. Is that how probability works, we can just lump binaries into a 50/50?

    I need someone smarter than me to help me formulate an argument.

    P.S This is a serious question about logic, not an excuse for disgruntled feminists to get a cheap shot, so serious answers if you don’t mind.


  • tefa_96:

    Okay so last night my boyfriend told me that he love his ex-gf but at the same time he likes me. She told him she loves him too but she has bf. He said he didn’t want it to affect us. I was telling him it’s going to. Then he started saying he wants to be done. I don’t want us to be done. I am starting to fall for him and I don’t want to lose but at the same time I want him to just be happy. Even if it’s not with me. I don’t want him to miss his chance with her but I don’t want anyone else to have. I really have no idea what to do. Help me please?! Thanks
    Idk what his ex-gf is doing about her bf. I am trying to find that out to help me decide what to tell him to do.

  • Nick:

    I have a HUGE problem. I’m developing a crush on my best friend’s ex boyfriend. I know that it’s not good and I know I should stop liking him. But how? How do you stop liking a boy? Please help!

  • toast:

    Can I have some help creating a good fan fiction.. Something about a girl who’s boyfriend cheats on her and then there’s his friend that gets close with her.. She where I’m going? What kind of story should I do

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again:

    My LMP was July 31st. I have normal 28 day cycles. Maybe a couple of times a year, 29-30 day cycles. Rarely does this occur. My period lasts from 3-4 days. Now, my question is…. I found out I was pregnant after my first missed MP didn’t show on August 28th. I know I got pregnant on either August 9th (boyfriend) or August 11th (ex-boyfriend). Those are the only two dates I had sex. And, of course, I know I have to have a paternity test to be 100% sure. But, just for the sake of medical bills as of right now, which day is the most likely that I conceived?

    Additional Details
    July 31st was the FIRST day of my last period. I agree. I’m thinking more towards the ex since I should have ovulated around the 15th. My boyfriends’ sperm should have been dead by then. Thanks to all for your opinions. And, I didn’t CHEAT on my bf. We had broken up. We JUST recently reconciled AFTER he found out I was expecting. And, yes he does know it’s a possibility it might not be his, As a matter of fact, I told him I’m 75/25 it’s NOT. He’s fine with that. People make mistakes. I slept with my ex unprotected. I know now the error of my ways.

  • veemodz:

    As comedian Jerry Seinfeld once observed, a first date is often like a job interview with the possibility of nudity at the end. Even if you and your date don’t take it that far, the first date can feel like a friendly interrogation more than an organic conversation. But as awkward as the first date/interview/debriefing can be, you can indeed learn something about your date which lets you know this may indeed be the first and last romantic evening.

  • The Inc:

    I caught my boyfriend in a web of lies the past couple of days. This is a quick summary: He said he was watching his teenage daughter while his wife was out of town until Monday. We had plans today to go to a show but he gave me the guilt trip abot his daughter. I ended up giving him the tickets and went to the same show alone last night.

    In the meantime, he said he was going to a friend’s house with his daughter last night. Then I find out that was a lie and he was actually picking up his ex last night. The only reason I found out is because he called and I could tell he was at his apatment so I went to confront him.

    How could he take such advantage of me? I told him that if he really doesn’t want to be with me then he can stop playing these games and just tell me straight out. But he says that we will make this work and I’m overreacting about everything. He even turned it around on me saying that it was my idea to give him the tickets so I shouldn’t be so upset!
    There’s a typo in the first paragraph….it’s his exwife not wife.

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